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A Wesleyan Church

'Wesleyan' isn't just a name; it's a movement.

The Wesleyan Church claims John Wesley as its namesake.  Wesley was a pastor, theologian, revivalist, reformer - a remarkable leader.  But Wesley's greatest legacy may have been his personal commitment to Christ called holiness.

Holiness means selling out to God's purposes over and above everything else.  Holiness means loving others as much as Jesus did and showing it in service.  Holiness means hearing the voice of the Spirit and following the mission relentlessly.

Find out more about more about the Wesleyan Church here.

A Community Identity

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We are a church seeking, discipling, and sending followers of Christ.

Our Vision:

We see a diverse body of believers devoted wholly to God and to one another in community

We will live out our faith in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities genuinely, powerfully, and missionally by the Holy Spirit

We will speak the Gospel of Jesus with our lives in service to others, wherever he should take us

Our Strategy:

SOWING the seeds of the gospel through evangelism and worship

CULTIVATING believers into mature disciples of Christ through small groups & teaching

PRODUCING good works for the kingdom of God through service and sending

Our Values:

Radical Hospitality we will go out of our way to make everyone as welcome and as comfortable as possible, even at our own discomfort

Authentic Community - we intentionally consecrate ordinary times and spaces for spiritual conversations and encounters with God

Faithful Devotion - we are unabashedly committed to the hearing, understanding, and practice of God's word

Sacrificial Generosity - we will give of our time and resources without holding anything back

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