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Intentionally engaging in Advent

Advent is a special time, a call to fast and to feast, to hope and pray. It can be a special time in the life of the faith in our families. In the chaos of 2020, perhaps Advent rhythms could bring us back to reconnecting with God in a special and unique way.

Below are several resources for you and your family to connect with God. Take what is useful and use it. Whatever you do, don't let this Advent season become another obligation. Scrutinize your margin and be released from shame and guilt. Instead, allow the Spirit of God to call you into a daily relationship with him through these resources.

We are thankful to Rev. Emily Hines of Brookhaven Wesleyan Church for creating these resources and making them available to us.

An invitation to Advent devotionals

Instructions on Fasting & Feasting

Song Lists for Advent Reflection

All Devotionals in One Document

Advent Devotional Books by Week

Week 1 Booklet

Week 2 Booklet

Week 3 Booklet

Week 4 Booklet


Printing Guide

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